Before you install

Before using Qwikly, make sure you have Sketch and Xcode installed. If you already have these tools installed, feel free to skip ahead to the "Installing Qwikly" section.

Installing Sketch

You can download a free trial of Sketch from their website. The free trial works just fine for getting started with Qwikly, and installation is as easy as downloading the app and dragging it into your /Applications folder.

installing sketch

Installing Xcode

Xcode is available for free from the App Store. Note that Xcode is a large download and can take up to several hours on some connections. Once the download and installation completes, make sure to open Xcode at least once. This will install the additional components (like the iOS Simulator) required to build apps with Qwikly.

installing xcode

Installing Command Line Tools

If you are having problems building your app because you don't see a list of simulators, there's a good chance you have to install and setup the command line tools. Qwikly will attempt to install the command line tools for you if it does not find them, but in some cases you may need to install and setup the command line tools manually.

Open up Xcode and click on the Xcode -> Preferences menu. After clicking on the Locations tab you need to make sure the Command Line Tools select box has the current version selected.

setup command line tools

Installing Qwikly

You can download a free version of Qwikly from our website. Just click any of the download links on the site, and fill out your name and email, to begin downloading Qwikly. Once the download has finished, open Finder and double-click the zip file. Drag into your /Applications folder and double-click it to complete the installation. Be sure to restart Sketch after you launch Qwikly.

Enabling Qwikly for your design

With your sketch design open, the fastest way to enable Qwikly is by clicking on the button in the upper left.

enable qwikly

Once you have enabled Qwikly for your document, you can use the Qwikly Sketch plugin to build and run your app, update your Project, Scene, and View Settings, and add View Interactions.

Running your app

Once you've created your Qwikly-enabled Sketch document, click the play button to run your app on the iOS Simulator. The simulator allows you to use your app without installing it on a physical device like an iPhone. After Qwikly generates the source code for your iOS app, it will install and run your app. This process may take a few moments to complete and will take slightly longer for larger projects.

running your app

If your trial has expired, you will need to Buy Qwikly to do future builds.

running app

Further Reading

For more in-depth information about Qwikly, check out the Qwikly For Designers and Qwikly For Developers and pages.