Version 1.11.2

Released Mar 21, 2018

Download Qwikly Version 1.11.2

Requires macOS 10.11 or greater.

Other notes

There are no other notes for this release.

Version 1.11.1

Released Mar 19, 2018

Other Changes

This is a small bug fix release; there are no other changes.

Version 1.11

Released Mar 19, 2018

Features & Fixes

  • added hotspot layer support
  • much better mask support
  • fixed scene positioning in storyboards
  • fixed lots of view rendering bugs
  • added symbol library support
  • faster builds
  • under-the-hood changes to improve reliability and stability

Version 1.10.2

Released Nov 23, 2017

This is a compatibility update that provides support for running Qwikly on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). We've also added some compatibility features to better allow users to use different versions of Sketch and Xcode to build apps with Qwikly.

Version 1.10.1

Released Jul 27, 2017

Other changes

  • This is a small bug fix release

Version 1.10.0

Released Jul 27, 2017

Other changes

  • You won't see a "Made with Qwikly" splash screen anymore
  • Builds should be a bit faster and more reliable now
  • Fixed some issues with attributed text
  • Fixed a rare bug where some symbol overrides would not work
  • Fixed an issue where existing projects would sometimes not run

Version 1.9

Released Jul 25, 2017

Other Changes

  • Improved support for kerning and other text properties via attributed text
  • Fixed an issue where some fonts wouldn't render correctly
  • Fixed an issue where colors in the generated apps didn't match the colors in the design
  • Fixed an issue where certain text properties wouldn't work in nested symbol overrides
  • Fixed an issue where some component instances weren't scaled correctly

Version 1.8

Released Jul 20, 2017

Other changes

  • Added support for nested symbols and symbol overrides
  • Improved text layer rendering
  • Improved support for clipping masks
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 1.7.1

Released Jul 13, 2017

Other Notes

Thanks to some very helpful user feedback, we realized that our Sketch plugin and that of Craft by InVision weren't getting along. With this release, they should be able to play nice together again. You will notice a slight delay before the Qwikly UI is displayed when you open a document in Sketch. This is by design, as this delay should give Craft enough time to do its thing without Sketch blowing up.

Version 1.7

Released Jul 12, 2017

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Sketch to run slowly with Qwikly installed
  • Added initial support for Switch, Slider, and Text Field components. Stay tuned for more components in upcoming releases!
  • Fixed an issue that caused some builds to fail
  • Many performance enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.6.1

Released Jun 30, 2017

Other notes

This update fixes a bug in the previous release that broke Qwikly for versions of Sketch earlier than 45. We were so eager to ship zero-day support for the latest Sketch that we shipped a zero-day bug! We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. Now, you should be able to use Sketch 42 and above with Qwikly.

Version 1.6

Released Jun 28, 2017

Other Notes

This release removes support for Sketch versions below 42. We plan to support the latest two major-point releases of Sketch (e.g. 44 and 45), so we'll be removing support for Sketch 42 and 43 in an upcoming release.